Journey Through an Arid Land

Journey Through an Arid Land

G. Davies Jandrey


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Wiona Rutherford is barely keeping her head above the dust as she struggles to manage her dilapidated ranch, located in the arid, mountain corridor that is the border between Mexico and Southeast Arizona, is a major crossing for illegal aliens. Although Wiona is sympathetic to those who undertake this dangerous journey, she is sick to death of the damage they leave behind. Then she comes upon a lone woman and her just born baby on the cold ground under an oak tree.

Gayle Jandrey has created an enthralling human drama… Stokey, a veteran Border Agent, patrols a Darwinian landscape of desperate migrant travelers seeking a better life and the malevolent human coyotes that exploit them.
–Cameron Hintzen, Assistant Chief Patrol Agent U.S. Border Patrol (retired)


G. Davies Jandrey:

G. Davies Jandrey (her friends call her Gayle) is a writer of fiction and a poet. A retired educator, she has lived in Tucson for more than thirty years.

For five seasons she worked as a fire look-out in the Saguaro National Park and Chiricahua National Monument. It was in these “sky islands” that she first learned to love the richness and diversity of southern Arizona. This double life, one spent teaching teens, the other focused on natural history, informs both her poetry and prose and provides the reader with an experience as complex and rewarding as the environments in which they incubated.

She makes her home with her husband, Fritz, in the desert outskirts of Tucson, Arizona. When she’s not writing, she gardens.