The New Search for the Perfect Golf Club

The New Search for the Perfect Golf Club

Tom Wishon


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How much do you really know about your golf clubs? Did you know that: * The lower the loft on your driver, the farther you'll hit it? * Your new driver has a larger sweetspot? * You are playing a stiff shaft, because it says so on it. * Women's clubs are designed for women? Fine, but the problem is... NONE OF THOSE THINGS ARE TRUE Tom Wishon, one of the world's leading club designers, takes you on a guided tour of the golf club, explaining in lay language how and why golf clubs work the way they do. Perhaps of even greater importance, he explains what to look for-and what to look out for-when you buy your next club.

...the average golfer knows little more about golf clubs than what he or she reads in advertising or sees in Golf Channel infomercials. This lack of golf equipment knowledge results in millions of golfers attempting to play an already difficult game with equipment that not only won't, but CAN'T POSSIBLY allow them to play to the best of their ability.
It turns out the latest cutting-edge frontier in golf... is plain old-fashioned custom club fitting. Do you think: * That clubheads made from harder metal will hit the ball farther? * The faster you swing, the stiffer your shaft should be? * That your clubs are
just like the ones the pros use?
Find out WHY those things are not true and learn the things they do NOT tell you in the golf club ads!


Tom Wishon:

Tom Wishon is a 40 year veteran of the golf equipment industry specializing in clubhead design, shaft performance analysis, and clubfitting research and development. He is the only designer from the custom clubmaking side of the golf industry whose clubhead designs have been used to win on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour and in Ryder Cup competition. He has been responsible for more than 50 different clubhead design technology firsts in his career in the golf equipment industry.

Wishon has also written ten books on clubmaking, shaft and clubfitting technology in his career. He is a 13-year member of the Golf Digest magazine Technical Advisory Panel, and serves as the Technical Advisor to the Professional Golfers’ Association of America’s web site, Two of Tom’s books, The Search for the Perfect Golf Club and The Search for the Perfect Driver, which were co-authored with Fireship Press founder Tom Grundner, were selected as back to back winners of the 2006 and 2007 Golf Book of the Year by the International Network of Golf (ING), the largest organization of golf industry media professionals in the USA.

Tom Wishon is considered to be the foremost authority in clubfitting research in the game. He continues to teach and share his wealth of knowledge in custom clubfitting through his latest book, Common Sense Clubfitting: The Wishon Method, written for golf professionals and Clubmakers to learn the latest techniques in accurate custom clubfitting.

Wishon currently heads his own company, Tom Wishon Golf Technology, which specializes in the design of original, high-end custom golf equipment designs and clubfitting research for independent custom clubmakers worldwide (