The Midshipman Prince

The Midshipman Prince

Sir Sidney Smith Nautical Adventure Series Book 1

Tom Grundner


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The first book in the Sir Sidney Smith Nautical Adventure Series

How do you keep a prince alive when the combined forces of three nations (and a smattering of privateers) want him dead? Worse, how do you do it when his life is in the hands of a 17 year old lieutenant, an alcoholic college professor, and a woman who has fired more naval guns than either of them?

From the Battle of the Capes, which sealed the fate of Yorktown, to the Battle of the Saints, which shaped the fate of the Caribbean, The Midshipman Prince will take you on a wild ride through 18th Century nautical history.

This Fireship Press series is based on the life of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith (1764-1840)

His portrayal of the Battle of the Saints is off the charts. It's the best description of an Age of Sail sea battle I've ever read.
…he [Grundner] is certainly in a league with Julian Stockwin and Dewey Lambdin; and has a style that is refreshingly different from any of the above."
…a rich, colorful, bawdy tale of the seas. It captured my attention and held it… with just the right amount of suspense and action to sail to a climatic ending.


Tom Grundner:

Tom Grundner is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and the University of Southern California. He was former Lieutenant Commander in the U.S Navy and a decorated Vietnam veteran. As a college professor he authored Informed Consent, about the ethics of human experimentation and The Skinner Box Effect about the problem of Internet pornography.

In 2005 he co-authored with Tim Wishon a golf club designer The Search for the Perfect Golf Club, which was followed by The Search for the Perfect Driver.

Grundner’s interest in maritime history began during his years in the U.S. Navy. His first publication was an edited history of the 18th Century Royal Navy called The Men Who Spoke to Hornblower. This was followed by a series of books about Admiral Sir Sidney Smith (1764-1840) of the British Navy, The Midshipman Prince, HMS Diamond, The Temple and Acre.