The Men Who Spoke to Hornblower

The Men Who Spoke to Hornblower

Tom Grundner, Geoffrey Callender


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Millions of readers have thrilled to the high seas adventures of characters such as: Horatio Hornblower, Jack Aubrey and Nicholas Ramage. They are characters in nautical fiction, but their exploits are based on people whose contributions and courage were very real indeed.

Could Hornblower have possible been unaware of Rodney’s famous maneuver at the Battle of the Saints? Could Aubrey not have been influenced by Nelson’s technique at the Battle of the Nile? Would Ramage have ever proceeded into a fleet action without the signaling system devised by Howe? Would any of our literary heroes have been unaware of the exploits of Anson, Hawke, Duncan and Keppel?

Presented here are the stories of seven of those great admirals. If you wish to truly understand Hornblower, Aubrey and Ramage, this is the place you must start.


Tom Grundner:

Tom Grundner is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and the University of Southern California. He was former Lieutenant Commander in the U.S Navy and a decorated Vietnam veteran. As a college professor he authored Informed Consent, about the ethics of human experimentation and The Skinner Box Effect about the problem of Internet pornography.

In 2005 he co-authored with Tim Wishon a golf club designer The Search for the Perfect Golf Club, which was followed by The Search for the Perfect Driver.

Grundner aslo has a series of books about Admiral Sir Sidney Smith (1764-1840) of the British Navy, The Midshipman Prince, HMS Diamond, The Temple and Acre.