The Fenwold Riddle

The Fenwold Riddle

Dave Evardson


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An impenetrable wall encloses the land of Fenwold, its origins shrouded in the mists of time. Those who live in its shadow sweat out a meagre living from the land, but marauding raiders attack their villages and steal their livelihood. Brave young Council Marshal Dominic Bradley comes into close contact with the mysterious Wall in his struggle to combat the outlaw bands. Bradley has been charged with the task of finding a way through the Wall to a new land that lies on its far side. He hopes not only to uncover his people’s heritage, but also to deliver them to their destiny. How or where to begin, he has no idea until he hears an old woman recite a strange and compelling riddle...

“. . .A fast, enthralling read with a mystery that keeps you guessing to the very end." –Jacey Bedford, Science Fiction Author

" What does the future hold? What lies beyond the technological end-game? Through vivid prose and imagination the author sets the hero on a search. . . to give new hope to civilization.” –Paul Sutherland, Multi-Published Author and Editor


Dave Evardson:

Evardson joined the Yarburgh Writers’ Group over ten years ago, when he first began to work on a novel, and their criticism, advice and encouragement have been invaluable.  Of his new work, The Fenwold Riddle, Evardson says "I like the idea of combining art forms, so couldn’t resist having a go at a song to complement the novel."  You can hear a snatch of the song "Behind A Wall" in the book's trailer on youtube.

For more information please visit Dave Evardson's website: --where you can also listen to more songs produced by the author and his wife.